Nat Turner's Slave Rebellion

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  • Published : October 30, 2010
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Nat Turner’s Rebellion: A Slave Insurrection
Nat Turner, a slave in Virginia, was raised by his mom and dad, with the help of his grandmother (whom he was so close to), to be a strong person. He grew up being told that he was made to do something special with his life. Turner once said that he communicated with the Spirit and was told that his wisdom came from God. He felt he was destined to help slaves be free. He would work with the only four people he could trust, Hark; Henry; Sam; and Nelson. When it came time for the rebellion, they were going to kill their enemies. They also planned to use their enemies own weapons, such as their axes; guns; club; and swords.

Nat Turner’s Rebellion of 1831 was not something that ended up being well thought out. The beginning of the rebellion, starting with the killing of the Travis family, was planned organized and planned in depth. However, when more white slave owners were killed; when more slaves joined the rebellion; and when word about the rebellion started circulating faster and faster, Turner and his crew were not prepared. They tried to cover it up and act as if they had a plan, but they were just going with the flow. They started separating the crowd of slaves and attacking several houses and families at once, resulting in the decrease of the number of slaves. They could no longer keep track of houses that have already been hit. As the rebellion went on, slave owners knew how to react to the situation. They knew that they had to act as if they were already dead. Then they could kill the slaves on the slick. The slave owner’s numbers grew even more. When Turner and his crew (no longer including Hark, Henry, Sam, and Nelson) were faced against the slave owners, many slaves, who were not loyal, fled the scene. Many slaves kept their lives by turning against Turner, leaving him to hide by himself. While hiding out, a dog found his hiding spot and gave him away. He was found and begged for his life, by turning...
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