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Foundations for Services Marketing

Part Contents
1 Introduction to Services 2 Consumer behaviour in services 3 Customer expectations of service 4 Customer perceptions of service 5 Conceptual framework of the book: the gaps model of service quality 3 28 54 76


This first part of the text provides you with the foundations needed to begin your study of services marketing. The first chapter identifies up-to-date trends, issues, and opportunities in services as a backdrop for the strategies addressed in remaining chapters. Knowing what customers want and how they assess what they receive is the foundation for designing effective services. Therefore Chapter 2 focuses on what is known about customer behaviour for services, Chapter 3 looks at customer expectations and Chapter 4 considers customer perceptions. Chapter 5 introduces the gaps model of service quality, the framework that provides the structure for the rest of the text. The remaining parts of the book will include information and strategies to address the specific gaps identified by this model, giving you the tools and knowledge to become a services marketing leader.



Introduction to Services

This chapter’s objectives are to: 1 Explain what services are and identify important trends in services. 2 Explain the need for special services marketing concepts and practices and why the need has developed and is accelerating. 3 Explore the profound impact of technology on service. 4 Outline the basic differences between goods and services and the resulting challenges and opportunities for service businesses. 5 Introduce the expanded marketing mix for services and the philosophy of customer focus, as powerful frameworks and themes that are fundamental to the rest of the text. 6 Introduce the servuction system model and the concept of the services triangle.



Chapter 1 Introduction to services



ach year, the US magazine Forbes produces a comprehensive list of the world’s biggest and most powerful companies as measured by a composite ranking for sales, profits, assets and market value. In 2006, the following 36 European service companies were ranked (in order) within the world’s top 100 organizations. Although these organizations only represent the tip of the iceberg of the European service sector, they clearly demonstrate Europe’s position as a key global player in the provision of services. Location of headquarters

United Kingdom Switzerland Netherlands United Kingdom France Spain United Kingdom United Kingdom France Germany Switzerland Germany Netherlands Germany Netherlands France France United Kingdom France Germany Spain Germany France Italy Switzerland Germany Spain United Kingdom Italy Germany Italy Italy Netherlands/United Kingdom Germany France Netherlands

HSBC Group UBS ING Group Royal Bank of Scotland BNP Paribas Banco Santander Barclays HBOS AXA Group Allianz Worldwide Crédit Suisse Group E.ON Fortis Deutsche Telekom ABN-Amro Holding Société Générale Group Crédit Agricole Lloyds TSB Group France Telecom Deutsche Bank Group BBVA-Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Siemens Group Electricité de France Generali Group Zurich Financial Services RWE Group Telefónica Aviva ENEL Munich Re Telecom Italia UniCredit Unilever Deutsche Post Suez Group Aegon Source: extracted from www.forbes.com1

Banking Financial Services Financial Services Banking Banking Banking Banking Banking Insurance Insurance Financial Services Utilities Financial Services Telecommunications Services Banking Banking Banking Banking Telecommunications Services Financial Services Banking Conglomerates Utilities Insurance Insurance Utilities Telecommunications Services Insurance Utilities Insurance Telecommunications Services Banking Food, Drink and Tobacco Transportation Utilities Insurance

What are services?


What are services?


ut in the...
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