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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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NASCAR: A Branding Success case study

Anand Narayanan

MAR 5125 – Spring 2011

Case Summary:
In the past 60 years, National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) has become one of the top auto-racing series in United States and the number one spectator sport in America.[i] NASCAR has primarily held three national series (NASCAR Sprint Cup series, NASCAR Camping World Cup series and NASCAR Nationwide series) along with some regional and international series. Primarily, NASCAR has been a US sport but has made an attempt to reach out to world population with races held in Mexico, Canada, Australia and Japan. It currently sanctions over 1200 races on 100 tracks. NASCAR is known for its brand alliances with fortune 500 companies from carmakers Ford, GM and Chrysler, Tobacco company R. J Reynolds, Goodyear Tires, Pepsi, Sprint Nextel, Anheuser Busch. In spite of being the second most popular game after NFL, NASCAR success has been threatened by fewer attendance and weaker financial performance of its major sponsors. NASCAR saw its maximum growth in recent ages resulting from launch of its website driving the current viewer ship to over 6.3 million in 5 years. NASCAR saw a huge rise in television viewer ship covering 6% of US households when compared to its competitor Indy Racing League. NASCAR targets younger population with new younger racing stars like Ryan Newman, Dale Earnhardt Jr and Kurt Busch. NASCAR was also able to attract female fan base which constitutes to 40% of its current fan base. Today, NASCAR has approximately 75 million fans and second highest television ratings during regular season sports. NASCAR fans are believed to be brand loyal of any sport and one estimate claims that fans spend over $2 billion in licensed product sales.1 NASCAR is broadcasted in over 150 countries in over 30 languages. NASCAR challenges:

NASCAR has been criticized and challenged in following scenarios: 1) NASCAR leadership
NASCAR was found by...
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