Nasal Polyps

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Nasal polyps are medically known as rhinosinusitus and are a non malignant growth but can be cancerous on rare occasions. They come from an inflamed mucus membrane (mucoa) situated in the nose area of the head. Polyps form in the nasal passage or sinuses in the nostril down to the throat area, they come in various sizes and also often look like a bunch of grapes, usually translucent in colour. They can cause a lot of discomforts and lead to a number of medical problems. Thanks to modern day technology they can now be treated. In some rare cases polyps can cause death.

2 Procedure

2.1 The project was discussed and agreed with the lecturer. 2.2 Information was analysed using 9 different websites. 2.3 Two Human sources were used.

3 Findings

3.1 Causes of Nasal Polyps:

The causes of nasal polyps are unknown. However, there are many thoughts or theories into what causes them such as: atmosphere or dry air, dust, an allergen or intolerance to aspirin. There is also thought to be a link between cystic fibrosis to nasal polyps.

3.2 Statistics:

Statistics show:
* 1 in 100 people are affected
* 50 to 70 % of the time they come back after operations. * People affected by this are usually over 40 years old.
* 4 times more likely to affect men than women.
* 9 out of 10 times are not cancerous.
(John E McClay, 7thth February 2008.)
3.3 Symptoms:

There are various symptoms; many people think it is just a cold to start with until diagnosed. The feelings can be quiet unpleasant and annoying, they can also leave you feeling quite drained and leaving the sufferer feeling quite depressed from sleep deprivation, for trying to breathe through the mouth at night because of blockage in the nose.

3.4 Secondary infections:

There are more serious issues with nasal polyps than the polyps themselves. The secondary infection which the mucus builds up can erode the small bones...
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