Topics: International Space Station, NASA, Space exploration Pages: 4 (1770 words) Published: April 9, 2013
NASA: A Problem Solver
Erin Busic
Kaplan University
PhD. JoAnn Funk
December 8, 2012

Space, the final frontier. Outer space has always been a mystery and a huge part of our world, through entertainment, research and science. Dreaming of a space age is depicted in books, movies, cars, home appliances and much more. Science and our knowledge is expanded our understanding our own planet and universe around us. The main program researching space is National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which has brought our nation innovations we use every day that we would never link to space. Such as scratch resistance lenses, water filtered from the refrigerator and LASIK surgery and many other commercial products. NASA has continually received fewer funds each proceeding year. Everyone should be educated on the need and the benefits of having a well funded NASA. Many predict funding NASA could solve some of the major economic crises we have, bringing us a solution in the face of extinction or possibly a new planet to live if needed. Funding NASA could be the most important thing we do for ourselves, our children and quite possibly the human species. In order to keep NASA, alive, progressing, and prosperous, a new program needs to be emplaced that reaches out to all people without bias or prejudice. This program creates educated people who understand the need for a well established and thriving NASA. The program could visit elementaries, middle schools, high schools and colleges, work places, recreation centers, senior centers and social areas. A new pro-NASA program would encourage people to write to politicians requesting that they look into more funding for NASA. It would encourage children, teenagers and adults to take an interest in science and NASA. Educate people on the science that has been discovered and the science that could be lost if NASA is not financially stable. It would also promote NASA solving economic issues and creating a...
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