Nary a Drop to Drink

Topics: Water, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Water resources Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: November 9, 2010

Water is all around us. This substance is of high importance to every living thing which is on planet earth. As much as we consider water to be life and the most important substance, still we don’t seem to appreciate it very much, as it is being wasted in such great amounts. Everyone believes that water will always be around but not taking into account that the majority of the water on planet earth are not for human consumption. Human beings can only survive on consuming fresh water. The percentage of fresh water found on planet earth is only a mere one percent (1%) and we have to bear in mind that within that one percent some are found in lakes, rivers, streams and underground aquifers. Therefore, being concerned about water scarcity is not due to the fact that all the water on planet earth will come to an end; but the end of our drinking water. We seem to be using up fresh water in great amounts and at a rapid pace. If we are not careful about our usage there just might not be a drop left to drink. Sixty five percent of our bodies are water base. I am weighing one hundred and twenty eight pounds; therefore, sixty five percent of that alone is water. That should make us bear in mind the importance of water. Water in the body is needed for means of transportation. As much as we may have seas and oceans we can’t consume this water in its natural state for it has a high level of salt content and this is not fit for human consumption. In fact, drinking nothing but sea water can actually kill a human being. The title of this essay “Nary a Drop to Drink” comes from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge which says “water, water, everywhere, nor a drop to drink.” This depicts the ancient mariner being stuck in the middle of the sea, surrounded by nothing else but salt water, which he cannot drink. If we look at the reality of it all, our generation, most probably may not be around to experience the loss of fresh...
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