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Topics: D20 System, Naruto, Dungeons & Dragons Pages: 1259 (468085 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Design and Managing Editor Frankto Vinneti Design Advisor Frederick Cross, Harold R. Nichols, Jr., John Mantyk, Matthew McDonnel, Saigo Nazuki, Kraken's Ghost, Christopher Kawasaki, Malek Deneith, Keldon Draconian, Athildur, Sir Shadow, Alex Rovinski Editor Frankto Vinneti Cover Artist Jon Grasseschi Interior Artists Julie Douglas, Destiny, Jon Grasseschi Proofreaders Frankto Vinneti, Frederick Cross, Harold R. Nichols, Jr., Matthew McDonnell, Christopher Kawasaki, Keldon Draconian, Malek Deneith, Athildur, Alex Rovinski

Special Thanks Frederick Cross, Jon Grasseschi, Wizards of the Coast, Skip Williams (The Sage!), Playtesters Frankto Vinneti, Frederick Cross, Harold R. Charles Ryan, Viladin, Kishimoto Masashi, Nichols, Jr., Matthew McDonnell, Kubo Tite, Watsuki Nobuhiro, and the entire Christopher Kawasaki, Athildur, Alex community of the Naruto: d20 forums! Rovinski Translations Frankto Vinneti, Geoffrey Beeson Thank you!

Naruto: d20 is a supplement for the Roleplaying Game d20 Modern published by Wizards of the Coast™. To be able to comprehend and use the game to its full extent, you should purchase the d20 Modern Core Rulebook if you do not already own it. An alternative solution would be to read the System Reference Document (SRD) which contains every OGC portion of the rulebook, minus any artwork and flavor text shown in the original product. The Naruto: d20 Guidebook contains in depth information about the Naruto™ world and its inhabitant, namely the deadly shinobi and kunoichi. It contains a wealth of information about their different techniques, the famous "Chakra" and even the geography. With a proficient Game Master, one could even recreate the whole Naruto series if he or she so wished! While the primary inspiration for this guidebook is Naruto, it also finds roots in many other anime or manga, such as Samurai Deeper Kyo, Bleach, Rurouni Kenshin, and several others. These characters and ideas are copyright of their rightful owners. This project is distrubuted for free, and if you purchased this, you have been scammed. "Naruto: d20" is Copyright ©2004-2011, Frankto Vinneti. Unauthorized distribution of this entirely free product is strictly forbidden unless you have the authorization of both Frankto Vinneti and Masashi Kishimoto. All characters related to, and the world of Naruto, are copyright Masashi Kishimoto.

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