Topics: Social network service, Audience, Newspaper Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: March 17, 2013
In this paper, we had focus on the relationship between narrowcasting, Astro, newspaper and internet. Narrowcasting means the dissemination of information to particular audience but not the public. To provide the specific type of information, we would need some media to spread it such as Astro. We choose Astro as our issue because it contains some specific criteria. Astro had allowed the audience to choose the channel to perceive the information that they want. Audience can choose the channels they want by paying specific amount of money to perceive it. Astro Best is a best example for narrowcasting. To view specific type of new movie, the audience can subscribe it by calling or walk in to the service center. This allows the audience to watch the movie they want. They had been provided a chance to choose the information they wanted to receive. The audience of narrowcasting can specifically targeted. Astro had chosen The Star Newspaper and internet as their media to promote Astro Best. The Star Newspaper is a powerful media that can affect the nation. Everyday there are about 1 million of people reading The Star Newspaper. The big and colorful advertisement can attract the attention of the readers. Based on a study, audience would more prefer to watch newspaper rather than magazine because newspaper provides more information that necessary to audience compare to magazine. So through the newspaper, many people can know more information about Astro Best. Besides that, newspaper also can target on audience that only focus on specific news such as food or market share. The audience would realize the advertisement when they flip through the newspaper. Others than newspaper, Astro also promote Astro Best in internet. In this 21st century, many people and business man have started to promote their product in internet. Compare to newspaper, it is more efficient and low cost. Astro could put more information that cannot be show in the newspaper or TV in the...
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