Narrators Wide Sargasso Sea

Topics: Narrative, Academy Award for Best Actress, Narrator Pages: 3 (1106 words) Published: April 20, 2008
There are many techniques Jean Rhys uses to bring across the point that the narrators are unreliable and the truth twisted, it is an interesting and effective idea as it makes the reader feel confused on who to trust and really involves them in the book, and they become party to the secrets. It is very confusing for the reader, since during reading the narrators of the story change very suddenly; there are three different 'books' in WSS each with a different narrator. Book one is the main section, it is from the viewpoint of Antoinette and is very important as it is from her childhood, set in mid 1830s. It begins the novel and therefore our most influential truth. It makes us have sympathy for Antoinette as we get to know her, she had a dreadful childhood and we feel a fondness for her as we understand the way she acts. Book 1 was very entertaining; and the story was told from the viewpoint of a child and children have no reason to lie to the reader. However this part ends very suddenly and as the book continues the reader gets confused about who the narrator is and they are forced to read on to try and solve the missing end of the last part. In Book two the reader feels emotionally distant from Rochester since he has no name unnamed, we learn about the failure of their marriage from his viewpoint, he considers himself a victim of the patriarchal system, needing to find a fortune so pressured into marriage with Antoinette. He feels un-easy about the country and Antoinette, is at home, which seems to irritate or bother him. He lets his fears overcome his reason since he believes the rumors about Antoinette being mad, because of this the reader can see the huge change in attitude towards Antoinette. This account gives the reader another point of view from which the story is being told. Book three is set in England and it is in the mind of Grace Poole- a character from the Bronte novel, and partly in the mind of Antoinette. It is easy for us to trust her as she is a...
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