Narratives Tell a Story

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Narratives Tell a Story

By | July 2006
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Narratives Like To Tell Stories
I like to tell stories, lots of them, usually about my past. My audience to those verbal stories is usually teens that I am trying to show that the things I did back then they should not do now, then I always think to my self "How did I survive that?" I am telling verbal narratives. The purpose of writing a narrative is to tell a story through one person's point of view, (Flachmann, 2005). During a narrative the author can share their thoughts, feelings, reactions, and actions, everything that helps the reader form a picture of the event in their mind. There are other purposes in narratives other than to simply tell a story. They can be used for a book report also called a narrative report. A narrative report tells about the book but, it lacks the author's intent, point of view. In a report you are not told of feeling of the text or of the characters, (Narrative, n.d.). Another reason to write a narrative is to tell a story within a story; to explain better you may use a narrative to give an example of a situation or explain an incident that leads into a research paper. Narratives capture an audience's attention; make want them to continue to read what the author has written, (Flachmann, 2005). A narrative relies on the author to formulate a clear story form that allows the reader to paint a vivid picture in their mind. A narrative has to have structure just like any other essay so that it has unity to follow. All narratives must have a plot, or story line, it has to contain a setting a place where the story takes place. Characters are also a necessity to play the plot out, to give the story depth feelings, reactions. Narratives should also contain a climax, a high point of the story, and an ending. A good narrative has very specific details to selected areas that help explain, to support or to embellish on the main storyline or plot. The narrative should hold the reader's attention. All details given in a narrative should...

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