Narrative: a Trip to the Zoo and the Affects of Natural Creation

Topics: North Carolina Zoo, Gorilla, Zoo Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Carlton Day III

A Trip to the Zoo and the Affects of Natural Creation

Far more efforts have been made to reverse my temperament imposed by surrounding circumstances than I can recollect; however, never has this been achieved so naturally, as the unprompted excursion to the North Carolina Zoo. My girlfriend and I decided after five years together that it was finally time to visit her hometown of Mocksville during our long weekend break back in late July of this year. The plan was to stay at a relative’s home, but upon arrival her sister was merely in transition to this new apartment; automatically this provoked a distressing slumber the first night. Where I barely dozed on a couch and my significant other, Jessie, briefly snoozed in a child’s bed. All of which only supplemented our fatigue from the five-hour transit across Interstate Forty. Considering the lack of rest the first night, we began planning better sleeping arrangements rather than the substandard ones we had already fell miserably victim to the night before. The hotel I found met all criteria Jessie desired, since we agreed I began hauling our luggage to the quaint hotel. With the next couple of days spent venturing the mountainous region where Jessie’s mother became the event coordinator, my itinerary seemed a bit more rushed than I had in anticipated. Essentially, this momentum played directly against my preconceived ideas of relaxation. The optimism I had stood tested at every turn; I must express a certain level of enjoyment was reached, thanks to our unyielding enthusiasm to not come home without experiencing at least one great event while on this short break. From a handful of attractions available, I chose the one I had yet to experience, which was to finally bear witness to a simulation of the Animal Kingdoms corresponding to those of North America as well as Africa.

First, I am incessantly fascinated with lions, and especially the male of African descent; also, I relish the...
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