Narrative Techniques. David Lodge

Topics: Fiction, Narrative, Novel Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: January 31, 2013
37. Lodge’s narrative technique.

Abstract: David Lodge (1936-) is highly respected and regarded as a critic and writer who is profilic in both fields in modern British. As a writer, David Lodge is mainly famous for his academic novels especially his Campus Trilogy: Changing Places, Small World and Nice Work in 70-80 in the 20 century. Campus Trilogy is regarded as the research object in the paper. This thesis attempts to make a comprehensive study of Campus Trilogy from Narratology Angle. It wonders to discover the undetected implication in the narrative works to fill the blank in this area of research by the macroscopic analysis and microscopic scrutiny. The thesis consists of four chapters. Introduction includes a brief introduction to David Lodge, his literary achievements, his representative works Campus Trilogy, its literary review and the significance of the thesis. In addition, the concepts and methods are simply presented. Chapter I outlines Narrative Structure of Campus Trilogy. By arranging the binary opposite blot structure in the time and space which lays out elaborately, it makes the novel fascinating but needs readers to read the novels caregully. Chapter II demonstrates Campus Trilogy from Narrative Perspective. The author organizes the different focus modes to meet the author’s need by means of different features of the focus modes. This refelcts Lodge’s academic viewpoints from one side: oppose the jacobinical opinion of The Death of Author. Lodge uses the changing focus to make you know what he wants you to know and and conceal what he doesen’t want you to know. It gives the readers to imagine and guess. Meanwhile the narrative voices in Lodge’s novels are, fro one time, single, for other time, multi-voices with those of the real author, implied author, narrator, and characters. He manages the hard and soft voices as per the needs of his works. Chapter III deals with the Meta-fiction narrative techinque using in Campus Trilogy. The author...
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