Narrative Techniques Chapter 19 Enduring Love

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Enduring Love Narrative Techniques
Chapter 19 – The pre-warning

Page 163
Joe uses a range of symbols in this chapter; one of the symbols used is colour. Colour is used to give the reader a clue of what will happen soon. This is shown when Joe says, ‘in memory, all the food they brought us first was red,’ the use of a colour to remember a part of Joe’s memory gives the reader the impression that the colour symbolises a feeling or emotion that Joe may have felt. ‘Red’ in this case could represent danger, blood, anger, threat or jeopardy, all words that are connected to the event that occurs in this chapter. A similar symbol appears on page 172 where Colin Tapp had just been shot. There is an emphasis on colour of his shirt when Joe describes the gun shot, ‘the silenced bullet struck through his white shirt at his shoulder,’ the use of the description about the bullet and where it hit Tapp helps put emphasis on the colour and how it can relate to red. White can be related to innocence, peace and the idea of being harmless or pure, therefore when Tapp is shot, the innocence is lost. This can relate to red because of Tapp’s blood and that fact that the shooting involves danger and threat. Also the men that shot Tapp were wearing black which contributes to the idea that colour plays a large part in this chapter. The colour black is significant as it could mean that they men were dark, powerful and it can be related to death and evil in contrast to white.

Page 164
Joe starts to loose his connection with the reader making their relationship weaker and distancing them. This happens because Joe makes use of multiple stories in this part of his narrative, he constantly switches back and forth from one story to the next, resulting in the uncertainty of the reader. This is shown when he says, ‘I would have liked to tell the story…fondly against his arm.’ This passage includes Joe’s thoughts about a previous part of his life, the conversation that he was presently...
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