Narrative Speech Assignment

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Stories are characterized by a plot that involves characters, events, narrative tensions, and resolution. Oral stories give listeners a sense of action and drama by developing characterizations, dialogue, vivid descriptions, and using animated delivery. Emotional sincerity and involvement are hallmarks of a good storyteller.

For this assignment, you will tell a 2-3 minute story that has a beginning, middle and an end. It may provide a moral. You may construct a story from your own experience or adapt one you already know. The purpose of your story telling is to illustrate the importance of a lesson learned, a significant life moment, or the moral for this audience and persuade them to accept your story as something that connects to their own lives.. Start by thinking about why the audience might find the point of your story important or instructive. Remember that you need to choose a narrative that is appropriate for this audience and setting.

The introduction should set a context that will help the audience realize the importance of the moral for their lives. This may entail giving details of the setting or characters, setting the story in a larger context, or even telling the audience what the point of the story will be.

The story itself should be carefully constructed so that you give descriptive details, but do not ramble. Language choices, delivery techniques, and dramatic vocals must be chosen to lend interest and animation to your story. Your story should have internal coherence, with characters, plot lines, and morals that make sense to listeners.
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