Narrative Report for Ojt

Topics: Lawyer, Bar association, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 20 (5360 words) Published: July 30, 2011
Holy Angel University
College of Business and Accountancy
Angeles City

In partial fulfillment

of the

requirement in



(A report on-the-job-training)

Prepared for:

Ms. Carolina Intal

Prepared by:

Heizel S. Lapuz


December 14, 2010



I. The Goals of My Off-Campus Practice

A. Personal Skills
B. Business Skills
II. Company’s Background/Profile

III. The Nature of the Work in My Office

IV. Getting along on the job
A. New Friends I acquired
B. Rules and Regulations of the office
• For the Employees
• For the student Trainees
C. The Floor Plan of my Office

V. A. An Evaluation of my Training
1. Office Procedures I Learned and Applied a. Meeting the Public in Person
b. Meeting the Public by Telephone
2. Processing Incoming and Outgoing Mails/Postal Services 3. Filing Systems and Procedures
B. Office Equipment Operated
C. Duties and Responsibilities/Work Done in the Office

VI. Observed Organizational Values
• Interpersonal Relationships
• Working Relationships with the Executive & Co-Workers • Teamwork
• Quality of Service Delivered
• Punctuality
• Personal Grooming

VII. Problems Encountered During my Training & How I Solved Them.

VIII. Recommendations/ Feedback for Off-Campus Training

A. Personal Skills

Every man was born to learn, that it is in his system to discover, find answers that satisfy his questions, install these into his memory and apply these to his daily living. As it is related to my off-campus practice, first you have to be born be part of a society, discover the environment going around you, tickle your brain to solve and answer the questions and problems encountered, soothe and absorb everything that is occurring, remembering and use them in your living.

This off-campus practice has helped me a lot to develop and enhance more my personal skills and to get along with the life of others. It has improved my moral personality, help me to adapt and cope up with the different situations arising around me. With this practice/training, I improved more my self-motivation that drives to a view of learning into my own responsibility. I am now much motivated, in doing and accomplishing things. I became more observant and sensitive on what is happening to my environment. I gain more self-confidence in facing people, solving office problems, and asking questions when you do not understand some things. You must be optimistic in everything you do so that you have the inspiration and dedication in accomplishing responsibilities.

In same manner, while I am learning to improve my personal skills, I know that I have helped other people, and I can say that I am not just useful to myself but also to others. I also learned to value every tick of the clock, and that time is gold. Pack full of patience to confidence, and myself as well and being empathic to other people.

All of this has helped me to develop my personal skills, but I know this are not yet enough, and I have a lot more to develop skill to be better so that when I graduated and about to go along with the busy business world, I can acquaint and go along the flow of the life’s rhythm.

B. Business Skills

While the things I have encountered and experienced with the past month, I have learned a lot from the people around me, and in return, I want to share what I have learned from my experiences.

“Experience is the best teacher”. Yes, this is true. With many things that I have encountered and...
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