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This technical report dealt with the major role of the internet as a provider and transmitter of information to various people as well as those who are engaged in the worlds of business, science and technology.

Likewise, this study was designed to give ample knowledge on the latest innovation in information technology. To those with zero knowledge on computer network, this study would be of great help because they will be oriented on how an internet operates, processes data and information in the most possible way.

The data and information used in the development of the study were taken from technical journals, books, encyclopedias and handouts about computer network.

Aside from those secondary sources, I had incorporated my own knowledge and thoughts which I learned from my computer subjects. On the other hand, my primary data and information used in this study were my ideas which were based on actual experience and observation.

Based on the findings of the study, I had concluded that the quickest way of gathering data and collecting information from the different sectors in the world is through the internet. Virtually, this is the best technological innovation in the fields of science and technology.



Historical Background

Looking back to the history, the internet was the result of some visionary thinking by people in the early 1960’s who saw great potential value in allowing computers to share information on research development in scientific and military fields. J.C.R. Licklider of MIT first proposed a global network of computers in 1962, and moved over the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in late 1962 to head the work to develop it. Leonard Kleinrock of MIT developed the theory of packet switching, which was to form the basis of Internet connections. Lawrence Roberts of MIT connected a Massachusetts computer with a California computer in 1965 over dial-up telephone lines. It showed the feasibility of wide area networking, but also showed that the telephone line’s circuit switching was inadequate. Kleinrock’s packet switching theory was confirmed; Roberts moved over to DARPA in 1966 and developed his plan for ARPANET.

The grand design for internet became possible in 1969, when researchers from the U.S. Department of Defense developed a computer network intended for top service in case of a nuclear attack. This network is composed of four independent computers that could operate even if one or more were blown up. This was called the ARPANET, named after its sponsor, the Pentagon’s Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA). In the mid-80’s, the ARPANET lost its military significance because scientists used it mostly for non-military discussion. Taking advantage of it, American Universities started using the ARPANET as their countrywide network access. In 1987, ten thousand (10,000) computers were linked to the network. In 1990, the ARPANET, on the verge of disbanding, merged with a more scientific network NSFNET, named after National Science Foundation, hooking up with about 100,000 users. In 1992, the NSFNET which is now called by its nickname Internet had 720,000 “hosts”. The full scale use of the Net began in the 90’s when independent companies offered to hook up services to computer users.

Ethernet, a protocol for many local networks, appeared in 1974, an outgrowth of Harvard student Bob Metcalfe’s dissertation on “Packet Networks”. The dissertation was initially rejected by the University for not being analytical enough. It later won acceptance when he added some more equations to it.

Statement of the Problem

This study deals with the internet as a Superhighway Information System”. More specifically, it tries to answer the following questions:

1. What is the principal function of internet in the world today?

2. How...
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