Narrative Report for Ojt

Topics: Training, Engineering, Skill Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: March 3, 2013
engineer must understand the process and the underlying principles but also beknowledgeable of the operation of certain equipments that carry out the process.An engineer must also possess good communication and leadership skill. Conclusion

The students have undergone a good training. The task given to them wasan application of design 1, design 2 and ME LAB 2 of their course. The design of the bolts and nuts has a great in connection to the subjects. The design of theflywheels and other machine members deals with the study of design 1 itself.Parts of the engines and kinds of pumps were exactly related to what wasdiscussed inside the classroom. The trainees were technically given actualproblems that have a main concern with the mechanical engineering subjects.The nature of the career course was the main focus of the training. The trainingof students will be useful if the nature of their training have the major concern for their chosen career. The trainees would able to use the experiences they havegone through during the training whenever they are already in the field of specialization. Recommendation


The company created a good service to their clients and gave the besttraining for the students. The students must have a good company that wouldgive them a good training ground and would enhance their knowledge andcapabilities. The school must have the good coordination for some companiesthat offer an annual On the Job Training inside their company. The school shouldprovide more budgets given to the OJT coordinators to have the best monitoringof the training the students are taking. One of the best ways of training is theprovincial trainings that would give different experiences to the trainees. An out of town training would give more self esteem to the students. The mechanicalengineering students have their training every 4th year and second semester of the year. It is more efficient if they will take it 5th year of their last semester. Insome cases having...
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