Narrative Report for Criminology

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  • Published: September 7, 2013
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On the Job Training At The
Bureau of Jail Management and Penology
Laoag City

A Narrative Report Presented
To The Faculty of the College of Criminology
Data Center College of the Philippines

In Partial Fulfillment for the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Prepared by:
Damo, Dionicio B.

March 12, 2013
Table of Contents

Cover Page
Report on Daily Activities
Problems Encountered and Possible Solutions


The criminology student wishes to convey his heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the following for their invaluable assistance and for sharing their time, effort, and knowledge which made possible to him an opportunity to experience On the Job Training and made this narrative report complete: Herminihildo B. Rivera, Laoag City Jail Warden, for accepting and teaching him the interrelated works regarding his chosen course.’

Jail Officers, for giving advice and encouraging him to be part of them without hesitation despite of all the challenges.
Marcelo L. Montanio Ph. D. Crim, Dean of Criminology Department, his adviser’s, for his unending and valuable assistance and guidance in order to pursue his training and gives isdeas in doing this narrative report.

His parents, for their financial support, unending love, care and prayers all through his life
Above all to Almighty God, for his power of protection, countless blessings and giving him hope amidst the thorns he have encountered in his chosen profession.


Confucius once said:
"If all I do is hear, I will forget
If I hear and see, I will remember
If I hear, see and do, I will understand"

On-the-Job-Training or OJT is job training that occurs in the work place. It has many advantages, but it can also have a few disadvantages if the OJT is not planned and executed properly. It is part of a...
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