Narrative Report for Children with Special Needs

Topics: Vowel, Consonant, Words without vowels Pages: 16 (2193 words) Published: January 23, 2013
|SKILLS |PROCEDURE/QUESTIONS |MATERIALS | |1. Tells about oneself |Let the teacher ask the child and answer the question. |None | | |What is your name? | | | |How are you? | | | |Where do you study? | | | |What grade are you in? | | |2. States common greetings |Let the child answer the correct greeting for each picture. |Precut Pictures | | |What will you say when you wake up in the morning? | | | |What will say when going to sleep? | | | |What will you say if you see a friend in the afternoon? | | | |What will you say if a friend celebrates His/Her Birthday? | | |3. Identifies things to keep |Teacher will show a picture of thing used cleaning our body to a |Precut pictures | |body clean |student. | | | |What are the things you used for cleaning your whole body in order to | | | |be clean and healthy? | | |4. Identifies parts of the |Let the child draw his own parts of his/her face. |White board/ marker | |face |1. Can you draw each part your face? | | |5. Classifies different |Show a picture to child and let the child group the clothes for boys |Precut pictures | |clothes of boy and girl |and girls wears. | | | |1. Can group this things the boys and girls wear? | | |6.Names members of the family |The teacher will a picture to the child and ask the child to name each |Precut pictures | | |of his family member? | | | |1. Can you each of your family members in your house? | | |7. Identifies family members |The teacher will ask the child tell what each family members doing |Precut pictures | |doing |inside the house. | | | |Who cook the food for the family? | | | |Who helps for father when fixing some broken appliances in the house? | | | |Who clean the house when the mother is doing other household chores? | | |8. Identifies parts of the |The teacher will show a picture to the child and ask the child to name |Precut pictures | |House |each parts of the house they used. |...
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