Narrative Report

Topics: Skill, Learning, Welding Pages: 4 (590 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Narrative report

Demsen L. Dela Cruz

I. S.I.T


TRAINING. As student, It is what we need to

improved our skills and to enhance our

abilities.Through this training, we can apply

all of the knowledge and information we had

learned in the school. It is also a requirement

for the students, like me to pass our course

and to graduate. And through this training, I

can learn more about welding and other

techiques ang strategies, that I can use to my

job in the future.
II. I had performed a lot of jobs when I was in the company. Examples are:

* Welding

* Milling

* Grinding

* Painting

* Recounting of cat con bullet

* Testing and heating shield

* Handtaping

1. Knowledge Principle and Theories learned in school that was applied in the company.

I have learned a lot about welding when I was in

the school. And those were very useful to me when

I undergone the training in the company. Those


* Welding

* How to read plan

* Measuring vernier caliper

* Grinding

* Setting up an amperage of MIG welding machine. Those are the skills that I have learned in the school. And those were very useful to me because all of those skills were applied by me. 2. Skills (applied and develop)

The skills that I applied and develop were welding
and operating milling machine. In terms of
welding, I had improved a lot because in my
company, I was given a lot of tasks that requires
welding. I have also learned how to operate
milling machine. Because when I was in the school
I did not learn how to do that because aside from
having many stundents, the tools and equipments
were also lacking, lastly, I learned the procedures
of machinery like squaring, reboring, refacing
and slot.

3. Values
I have gained a lot of values in life when I under
gone the...
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