Narrative Report

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Republic of the Philippines
Southern Luzon State University-Tiaong
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For any student undergoing a professional course in education, teaching practice is inevitable. It is that aspect of the student-teacher's professional training program during which they is exposed to the real school and classroom situation in order to help them develop their skills in the act of teaching. Teaching practice is designed to give the student-teachers an opportunity to put into practice, the theories relating to the principles and practice of education, which they have learnt. It is also a basic professional requirement, the un-fulfillment of which the student-teacher cannot qualify as a teacher. It is therefore necessary that due attention is given to it and its aims to teacher training achieved. The student-teacher should not just go through the process of teaching practice, teaching practice should also go through the student-teacher such that its aims and objectives are achieved rather than defeated. The student teacher is also regarded as a part of the school system and thus expected to participate in all teaching activities within the school system until the expiration of the exercise. Teaching practice exposes the student-teacher to the real school and class situation where he acquires some practical experiences in the art of teaching, as well as get adapted or acquainted with the social settings of the institution. Although, the primary concern is passing useful educational knowledge over to the pupils using every achievable means until learning takes place in them, they still have to participate in all teaching activities within the school system.

1st shift – Grade 3 at Tagbakin Elementary School
On the first day of our practice teaching, I was assigned at Grade 3. For me, they were the most behave class among the others. It was not hard for me to teach them.
I experienced a lot of things that a teacher should experience. My stay in this class is one of the best experiences that I ever had. It was unforgettable because I know that the children love me as much as they love their real teacher. If there’s an occasion, they never forget to sent some greeting cards for me and I really appreciate it. For me, it was one of the best parts of being a teacher. It’s when you know that you inspired your pupils and you were never forgotten by them. Whenever they see me, they will greet me with a big smile or they will hug and kiss me on my cheeks.

My cooperating teacher, Mrs. Maricel C. Presto is very approachable. She’s very nice. She shared things that I need to learn in the field of practice teaching. She even shared her personal life that’s why I felt comfortable with her. She let me experience how it feels to be a real teacher by giving me time to handle her pupils. I am the one who is in charge to discipline and teach them. I really learned from those things and it’s a big help for me.

At first, it was hard for me to adjust with the environment because it’s very different from the past school that I have been. But because of the very approachable teacher and polite pupils, it became easier. Those grade 3 pupils are really close to my heart, they made me feel that I am loved and respected ☺

2nd shift – Grade 2 ERG at Claro M. Recto Memorial Central School
At the second shift of our practice teaching which is in Claro M. Recto Memorial Central School, I was assigned at the first section of grade 2. At first, I feel some pressure because the pupils were intelligent and I know that there’s no room for mistakes in teaching those pupils.

On my first day at the grade 2 classes, I already feel welcomed because the pupils are really nice and sweet. I also like my cooperating teacher because she is also approachable like my cooperating teacher at Tagbakin Elementary School. She never forgets to share what I need to...
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