Narrative Report

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Saint Paul University at San Miguel
A Branch of Saint Paul University Quezon City
3011 Salangan, San Miguel, Bulacan

On-the-job training (OJT) is one of the best training methods because it is planned, organized, and conducted at the employee’s worksite. OJT will generally be the primary method used for broadening employee skills and increasing productivity. It is particularly appropriate for developing proficiency skills unique to an employee’s job especially jobs that are relatively easy to learn and require locally owned equipment and facilities. This is one method by which students is given a chance to apply the theories and computations that they have learned from school. It also helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual setting. Colleges and universities require their students to undergo such training within a specific number of hours as part of the curriculum. The new employee learns the job while doing the job. On the job training is also called hands on training. On the job training has many advantages, but it can also have a few disadvantages if the OJT is not properly planned and executed. The goal of the OJT program is to place participants in the occupations that will enhance their prospects for long-term-employment and will ultimately permit them to become self-sufficient. OJT involves the acquisition of specific skills and employment competencies, through exposure in actual work setting, to the processes, work tasks, tools and methods of specific job or group of jobs.

Saint Paul University at San Miguel
A Branch of Saint Paul University Quezon City
3011 Salangan, San Miguel, Bulacan

 Liquid Coffee Bar and Resto started on September 27, 2009 when Mr. Philip Tiongson went to his friend living at Avida. He got no room to sleep that night so he decided to check-in at Microtel Hotels and Resorts. On October 25, 2009, Mr. Tiongson had a chance to talk to the Manager of Microtel Hotels and Resorts, Mr. Joel Cucueco. Mr. Cucueco was looking for a concessioner that time then Mr. Tiongson volunteered himself. At that time Liquid Bar was just a coffee shop. They were not offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. By October 27, 2009, Mr. Tiongson became the new concessioner and he called one of his friends to become his business partner. By October 29, 2009, the establishment started offering breakfast. After a week, Mr. tiongson hired staffs due to bigger demands of the guests. From November 02, 2009 to November 23, 2009, he formed a group of staffs for the restaurant’s kitchen department. By the end of November, from coffee shop they opened the establishment as “Liquid Coffee Bar and Resto”. (Liquid was named after water/rain which means blessings)

Saint Paul University at San Miguel
A Branch of Saint Paul University Quezon City
3011 Salangan, San Miguel, Bulacan

Duties and Responsibilities
What do you want Sir/Mam, do you want to add more?, is it ok Sir/Mam, eat well Sir/Mam, these are the words that I am saying on my first duty in Liquid Coffee Bar & Resto because there is a buffet and that is the one of their promos. During the first day of my duty, I feel so much nervous because it is my first time to hold that duty and my first time to face it. I never thought that I can still continue my training there because I was very tired that day but because the employees were so helpful and caring I stay there and it is very enjoyable to be trained there. My first duty is to be the service crew who serve foods from buffet. At first it was really tiring and not that easy but as time goes by it became easy because the employee there are always helping and guiding me. Second duty is to become a waiter who serves guest’s order and setting up the plates, I also refill water to the guest, we are allowed to take orders but we should always ask our trainer’s consent. I remember my first room service duty (the resto is just...
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