Narrative Report

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Today, we are living in the world of extreme competition for excellence marvelously set on the basin of advance trends and technologies and encircled with the atmosphere of great demand for competitive and skilled individuals geared up for the battle in the businesses and endeavours of different industries in the local and international scenarios.

As to this, learning and exposure have been very crucial for everybody who wishes to live and survive in this ever changing world especially for those who are in the education sector.
Many colleges and universities, in both public and private settings, send their students to different fields of learning to acquire and learn various skills through effective application of the theories and concepts learned in formal education. This is done through the On-the-Job training programs they offer because these educational institutions believe that exposure and hands-on types of learning are imperative for they teach the students the first-hand experiences and professionalism in the real business world.

In my case, I completed my 200- hour practicum in Executive Plaza Hotel and Hostel 1632 in Malate, Manila under the Food and Beverage Service and Housekeeping Departments from October 5, 2012- November 1, 2012. Also, I had another 100- hour Actual Shipboard Training in 2GO Travel Group, Inc., a partner of Oceanlink Institute, Inc. from November 11, 2012 to November 14, 2012. My practicum program under the two companies completed my 300-hour On-the-Job Training as a senior Hotel and Restaurant Management student and has given me the quality kind of exposure and professionalism in my chosen field.
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