Narrative Report

Topics: European Union, European Commission, Contract Pages: 4 (843 words) Published: February 7, 2013

This report must be completed and signed by the Contact person The information provided below must correspond to the financial information that appears in the financial report. Please complete the report using a typewriter or computer (you can find this form at the following address ). Please expand the paragraphs as necessary.

Please refer to the Special Conditions of your grant contract and send one copy of the report to each address mentioned The Contracting Authority will reject any incomplete or badly completed reports. Unless otherwise specified, the answer to all questions must cover the reporting period as specified in point 1.6 Please do not forget to attach to this report the proof of the transfers of ownership referred to in Article 7.3 of the General conditions.

1. Description

1. Name of beneficiary of grant contract:

2. Name and title of the Contact person:

3. Name of partners in the Action:

4. Title of the Action:

5. Contract number:

6. Start date and end date of the reporting period[1]:

7. Target country(ies) or region(s):

8. Final beneficiaries &/or target groups[2] (if different) (including numbers of women and men):

9. Country (ies) in which the activities take place (if different from 1.7):

2. Assessment of implementation of Action activities

1. Activities and results

Please list all the activities in line with Annex 1 of the contract since the last interim report if any or during the reporting period

Activity 1:
Title of the activity: Conference at town W with X participants for Y days on Z dates Topics/activities covered :
Reason for modification for the planned activity (if applicable): Results of this activity :

2. What is your assessment of the results of the Action? Include observations on the extent to which foreseen specific objective and overall objectives...
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