Narrative Report

Topics: Water, Protection, Bachelor's degree Pages: 2 (250 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Mark Austin L. SorianoRAD 2-3

I.)Demographic data
1. Daria Simbahan Alonzo
2. Dugo Camalaniugan ,Cagayan
3. October 11, 1942
4. 47
5. Bachelor of science in comercial education

II.) Guide question
1. Political

1. My husband
2. By hlping him to manage everything through understanding and cooperation to solve the issue. Whatever problem we talk over about it and find better solution for it.

2. Cultural

1. Our customs are by going church every Sunday and by consuling debirib family by visiting them. Our traditions are we nerver forget to respect the elders by kissing, mano, and using po and opo.

3. Heredity

1. I inherit form my parent in behavior to being honest and truthful. The physical i inherit by helping others in a small way. 4. Environment

1. Describe the immediate environment of your chosen family as to its :

A. safety conditions
- No problem. Because we are in the town protected by the baranggay tanod and municipality protections

B, resources
- There is no problem about water and food resources because we have rice field and we have no problem in our water system.

C health practices
-We have a compost pit and sometimes, the municipality personnels are collecting garbage waste. The drainage is well built. 5. Socioeconomic

1. The rice field provides income in our family. And because we are senior citizen whom and already retired employees, we have monthly pention to compensate on the expenses.

2. Food, electricity, gas range, transportation

III.) Photo documentation
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