Narrative Report

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Irene A. Romero

Submitted to the Faculty of the

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree

Summer 2012
For the successful completion of this report, the student-trainee would like to acknowledge and extend their heartfelt and sincere appreciation to all who helped and have unselfishly shared their precious time, talent, resources and support inspired them and made this endeavor come into reality. To Atty. Benjamin P. Sapitula, the President of the University for his support in having an On-the-Job Training program; Dr. Inocencio D. Mangaoang, as the Chancellor of the University for his support, advises, comments and suggestions that helped to improved for the accomplishment of this report. Mr. Agustin T. Veras, Dean of the College of Computer Science Department for being the critic of this report and for its grammatical refinement. Mr. Socrates L. Ramores, OIC-Regional Director of National Statistics Office for his support and for the permission to render the trainees On- The-Job Training in his respective offices. Mr. Michael Angelo G. Dacanay, Chairman of the College of Computer Science Department for the moral support with regard to the OJT and help for the success of this report. To the following Coordinators: Mr. Isidro Duran, Mr. Darwin Llavore, Mr. Mark Anthony Gali and Mrs. Estacio Sabrina, the trainee would like to thank them all for the support and pieces of advice that they gave to the trainee during many trials she had in her training. The student-trainee would also like to acknowledge the continuous support of the College of Computer Science Faculty Members for helping them to the development and validation of this report. To all her friends, for they become my inspirations in order to strive and pursue with my training. Most especially to her beloved parents, whom with all their best faces, the hardships of working hard just for her to educate and this example of her success is a great chance that she will step the victory of her life. She should keep up the good work and thereafter when she should be pursuing her respective endeavor profession and occupation in the year ahead. Above all, to our Almighty God for giving us the wisdom, courage, strength and patience in this endeavor for us to success and for His unending blessings and guidance He showered as well.


Despite of the many efforts, trials and hardships exerted during my training, I would like to dedicate all my accomplishments and success to our Almighty God for His many blessings showered upon me, to my loving parents for their moral and financial supports, to NSO San Fernando City, La Union for giving me the chance to share and dedicate my ideas and learning I learned in school, to my Co-trainees who became part of my daily activities in my training, to my friends who were always there to gave me their comforting words and advises to work hard and better.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a course that provides training to the student. On-the-Job training provides a pre-service preparation to the students to become a good professional. It is a subject that intended for a student to acquire and gain new knowledge, skills, experience, behavior and values in the preparation for the future work. The trainers give the trainee a glimpse of what would be in the real world when they are not in the classroom. This would act as the bridge between the outside world which means they experience exposure to different working environment or working place. It helps to simulate the real world and to be able to apply what they have...
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