Narrative Paragraph Rubric

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COM 0105 Writing Sentences and Paragraphs
Writing Assignment 1: Narrative Paragraph General Instructions and Deadlines Assignment Overview • • The final draft of your paragraph, along with all supporting work (prewriting notes, outline, and first draft), is due via and the course digital dropbox by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. ET. Please upload a single document containing all your work. Your paragraph should have between 250–350 words.

Step 1: Prewriting
A narrative paragraph tells a story. Your first step is to decide what story you would like to tell. See pages 346–348 for possible topics. Once you have a topic, spend about 10 minutes to gather your thoughts about your topic. See pages 322–325 for tips on prewriting. Ask yourself, • What is the main point of the story? • What are the important details?

Step 2: Planning
Consider the material you gathered in your prewriting and create an outline for your paragraph. Organize your ideas chronologically. Below is a template you can use. See page 332–333 in your textbook for an example. o Main idea/Topic sentence First event • Detail 1 • Detail 2 Second event • Detail 1 • Detail 2 Third event • Detail 1 • Detail 2 Check your outline for unity, support, and coherence by asking yourself, • Is my main idea or topic sentence clear? • Do my supporting points actually support the main idea? Delete anything off-topic. • Do I have enough supporting points/examples? You should have at least three. • Are my supporting points organized in a logical order?

Step 3: Drafting
Using your outline, write the first draft. • “Flesh out” the ideas from your outline. • Include transitional words and phrases to create a flow between sentences. Page 339 of your book provides a list of transitions for a narrative paragraph. • Compose a title for your work.

Step 4: Polishing
Ask yourself, • Are my sentences too long or too short? • Do I have enough sentence variety? • Are my words appropriate? • Do I have any major...
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