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Topics: Cooking, Meal, High school Pages: 4 (1419 words) Published: February 23, 2011
Lauren West
Miss. DeNardi
Section #53
Feb 1, 2011

My True Passion: Cooking
“Lauren Victoria, where are you I need you in the kitchen,” my mom said to me, as she was up to here neck in flour. “You need to wash your hands first then I’m going to teach you how to cook.”
Some of the best memories I have of my life is of my mom and I in the kitchen cooking dinner. My love for cooking grew because of her. Making and creating foods has been a passion of mine and you could even say it was an extracurricular activity. Having the ability to make people happy with food is the true joy in life. My mother told me that every time we stepped into the kitchen. Just having her with made it fun and not just a chore. She told me that anyone can cook, but not everyone has the passion to succeed.

It was 1997 I was 5; she bought me in the kitchen and let me watch her make dinner she was like angel floating around on a cloud. The way in which she moved blew my mind I have never seen anyone so graceful in my life. From then on out I knew what I want to do to for rest of my life and for my family. I only watched for many years but as the years went by my desire grew more and more. Still to this day I remember what I made first with her, it is forever in my mind and with ever dish it feels like she is there with me. I was 6 years old and it was Christmas time and I asked what cookies she was going to make this year. She told me she wasn’t making any. All in that moment I started to feel tears build up in my eyes, she grabbed me up and whispered in my ear “you are going to make the cookies this year Lauren,” she said. There was so much joy inside me I felt like I was going to explode. The first thing I did was run into the kitchen and did everything mom did. I pulled my hair back and washed my hands it was like I was in heaven. I felt like a big girl. She let me do everything by myself but she was right behind the whole time, which made me safe and comfortable....
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