Narrative-Not Your Average Day

Topics: Tears, Left-handedness, Public transport Pages: 4 (1526 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Today I woke up thinking it would be just any normal day and I would live my life just like any other day, the sun was shining and the morning breeze swept through my hair as I opened the door to let our kitten outside. Just like any other Monday (or any other weekday) I was to get ready for school before 7:45 as that is when we leave for the bus, so as usual I was late out the door and nearly missed the bus. The bus trip that morning was also quite normal, everybody sat in “their” seats and continued on with whatever they usually do. After a good half hour or so it was time to get off the bus and herd into school like any other day, I saw my friends and waited for the bell to go to homeroom. But I had to put the bins out today as I was in year 10 and “the only one that didn’t whinge”. So the bins were put out and everybody carried on with their school life and was all happy as per usual. English and Maths were first, then following Recess we had Science and HSIE and halfway through lunch our 100 hour P.A.S.S class walked down to the pool for periods 5 and 6 as well as the remainder of lunch. We had a pretty good time at the pool (after laps of course) as we worked on a 30 second synchronised routine where I (being the smallest of 5) was the “main” act (only because I was thrown in the air at the end) we had a lot of fun making and showing our routine and it seemed as if it was the best afternoon ever! I also had a pretty good bus trip home too, the majority of the bus crowding around my new iPod touch like cavemen discovering fire for the first time. We were all looking and laughing at some video of my 13 year old sister and our little 2 year old friend dance to the 8 million hits song “Gangnam Style”. After that, it didn’t take long to get home, as everyone kept talking about it and how funny it was when the little boy hit my sister in the face with a maraca. When I got home, I changed into my singlet and shorts and went off to the park to meet a friend...
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