Narrative Essay: a Tremendous Day

Topics: Sibling, Family, Anxiety Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: May 11, 2013
A Tremendous Day
Paula Bustillos
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A family is the best thing in this world. Appreciate the time you spend with them. Time spent with a family is the most valuable thing in this world. Knowing how to appreciate that time is something I had to learn.

A Tremendous Day
Yellow daisies, fresh green cut grass, trimmed bushes, busy bees buzzing around the fresh flowers, all this and my family is inside on the couch doing nothing. It was such a beautiful day and I was not going to spend it on my couch. I made up my mind, I was going to take everyone to Dry Town-a water park near my house- and we were going to spend family time there. What I did not expect was for everything to go exactly the opposite way of my intentions. That was the day that I learned to enjoy my family time in the now and not focus on a schedule or worry about being perfect and to appreciate them.

The Plan
We made up our minds; we knew what we would do first and how to end the day. I got all my stuff ready and started to load the car. Arriving at the park I noticed that it was over packed, people were all over the place. We got lucky and found a spot to set our things down. My cousins were the first to leave the group then were my brothers and sisters; I was left to take care of the stuff while my aunt got her stuff ready. This was not what I was expecting. No one stuck with the schedule we had all come up with. I caught up to my little sister and went into the lazy river with her; I noticed that they were all doing their own thing so I decided to stick with her. So far things were not going as planned.

Lunch time came around and I managed to gather all of them up. We sat under a huge umbrella eating nachos and burgers with soda on the side. They ate like animals that had not ate anything in days. Which to me was funny, they were so excited to get back to the water not knowing that they had to wait at least 15 minutes before going back into the...
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