Narrative Essay Wedding Proposal

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  • Published : July 11, 2011
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Every little girl dreams about her wedding day. This is the day when she meets her knight in shining armor and he whisks here away in her stunning white dress with every one looking on in envy of their love and happiness. That is every little girl but me. I despised the thought of marriage. My parents didn’t set the best example in any of their marriages, past and current. It always made me wonder why? Why would you want to marry someone when you knew it would end in divorce? How could you love someone so much but resent them? What was it that made them so unhappy? I grew up never seeing or knowing what a healthy relationship looked like. They only happened in the movies. For years I refused to get married. I even ended a five year relationship because the guy just wanted to marry me. Yes I loved him but I couldn’t bring myself to say yes. Now at the age of 30 some things have changed. I fell in love with Greg.

Greg and I met nearly three years ago, Fourth of July weekend, at the lake. I was being berated by my stepmom and sister about how I had just ended a relationship all because I didn’t want to get married. They didn’t understand what was wrong with me. Then this guy dared to chime in on our conversation and agreed with me. “Marriage is nothing but a piece of paper. If someone loves you, they will be with you no matter what. People confuse marriage for a commitment. The two don’t go hand in hand. In a perfect world they would, but they just don’t,” he says. I was so shocked. He hit the nail right on the head of what I was trying to say and felt. I was thankful but that was it. I didn’t see Greg again for 5 months. When our chance meeting happened again he immediately asked if he could take me out. I said no but he was persistent. A few weeks later I finally conceded. It was my brother-in-law’s birthday and I didn’t want to go alone to the party. We connected immediately, both sharing the same ideas and interests especially about...