Narrative Essay Topics

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Narrative essay topics
1. Pretend that you have just been inaugurated as president. Write the speech that you would give to the nation.
2. Think of a particularly fond childhood memory. Describe the memory and why it is important. 3. Describe how you would teach math to student 2 grades below you. 4. Narrate a time when you went to see live music.

5. Imagine you were a superhero. Describe what powers you would have. 6. Describe a time when you were scared.
7. Describe a typical day in reverse-order.
8. Create a story about being stranded on a desert island.
9. Describe one of the best places you have visited.
10. Give an account of a time when you looked-up to someone. 11. Talk about a musician you like.
12. Describe your favorite song and why you like it.
13. What things are held sacred in your family?
14. Describe your future job prospects.
15. Describe something you learned for the very first time.
16. Give an account of your responsibilities, or a time when you had some. 17. Write down the plot of a videogame.
18. Describe a storm in a desert.
19. Imagine you are a dictator. How would it make you different? 20. Describe what qualities in a person you most admire.
21. Describe 30 minutes that you would love to live again.
22. Pick a friend. What memories do you share with him/her?
23. Describe your aspirations, and whether you think they will come true. 24. Describe what would happen if gravity suddenly turned off. 25. Describe an event when you were very nervous.
26. Set the scene for a scary movie.
27. Imagine you have a pet that could talk. Describe its personality. 28. Describe one of the four seasons.
29. Describe yourself when you are very old.
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