Narrative Essay on Punishment

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  • Published : May 20, 2012
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Narrative Essay

While going through my adolescent years, I was always told by my parents that I couldn’t go swimming in the country lakes and streams. I always kept it in mind as a golden rule. One day, I was really out of control, and broke the rule. It was an extremely hot summer. The sun was raised to scorch every living creature in the land. Rain had not been seen for a couple of weeks. People were like chicken in an oven, waiting to be driven crazy. 90 degrees was the common temperature in southern Kentucky. I myself was an active kid, wouldn’t just stay home. One day, Johnny asked to hang out. First, we met each other at school as usual. We didn’t wear shirts due to the hot weather. As usual, we rode our bikes to the corner grocery to grab a cold soda pop. That was what we usually did when we were bored and didn’t want to be in first period class. It was also a good way to resist heat because of the trees. We were riding through boundless country roads where nothing can be seen except for green rolling pastures and thick rows of trees. We would like to feel the silence rather than talking a lot. Suddenly, silence was broken by a loud voice. “River is over there, let’s go and swim.” Johnny yelled out. “No, we can’t. We will be caught by our parents.” I responded without any thinking. “No we won’t we are so far in the country no one will ever know.” he argued. I could see his desire to swim through his eyes. I wasn’t sure what I should do at this moment. Next thing you know, Johnny is in the river splashing and laughing like a chimpanzee seeing his shadow in a mirror. I was still standing there and considering my rule. I looked at the sun and the water. Suddenly, an impulse came out

of my mind. I closed my eyes and jumped into the water. By that time, I was still comforting myself by saying “no one will ever find us, besides mom and dad are at work.” By that, I wasn’t feeling guilty anymore. So we stood in the river like heated rocks in...
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