Narrative Essay of Tomorrow When the War Began

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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(From the last paragraph of apologue)…Suddenly, we’d forgotten about the food and livestock and firewood. All we could think about was Corrie and Kevin. We realized that we might actually be able to do something for them. I felt stupid that it hadn’t occurred to us before.

It was quite. So quite, I could hear the wind whistling beside my ear, and probably a bug or two. (Although it was clearly winter, and bugs hibernate, I think) I looked at everyone; they mostly had their heads towards the ground, thinking of a solution. How could I never think of this? It’s so direct and obvious, the solution lying ahead of me and I couldn’t see it! “So, when do you slackers want to get started?” Homer said. Everyone was startled, awakened somehow. Yes, we should go fetch them already. It’s been such a long time. What would have happened to Corrie and Kevin at the mean time? Would the soldiers torture them, they had as much information as we do. What happened if they did not clean Corrie’s wound in time? Is she even alive? “We’ve wasted a lot of time day-dreaming on what would happen to our fate. It’s time we make a change. It would be better than like a bunch of useless pigs sitting here waiting to be slaughtered.” Homer kept on. “But it would be nearly impossible!” Fi cried. “They were sent to the hospital then; we don’t even know their whereabouts! It would be like finding a needle in a hay stack!” Corrie was my best friend, and I would not sacrifice her welfare for my own. She was shot, for heaven’s sake. Her breathing was so uneven the last time I saw her. Now here I am, lying in Hell waiting for days to past. I am going to find her; I am going to find her now. “I’m in, Corrie’s by friend, and I will not see her suffering.” “So am I.” Homer said.

Robyn gave me a half-hearted smile, “I think you guys would require someone to treat the patients.” “Thanks Robyn.”
I looked through the crowd, Chris had his face buried in his notebook again, and I suppose this conversation was not appealing to him. I start to wonder why he is still trilling behind us all the time. I can see that Fi was hesitating; she and Homer were inseparable now. I knew that she was struggling to follow us or not. I knew her enough. “Count me in.” she said at last.

“What is Chris and Lee gonna do while we are away?” Homer mentioned. “Oh, I would just write…and scribble, I suppose.” Chris snapped. I guess he wasn’t in a good mood, he was always the one left behind, again. But he wouldn’t want to be part of this mission anyways. Everyone could sense that from him. So I think he would just have to survive on hunting or savaging on what we have left for the few days, if we were lucky to get back that quickly. “I’ll keep an eye on him, in case something happens.” Lee whispered. “We should plan on what to do, like before, when you guys bombed the bridge.” Robyn said. “Yeah, sure we would.” That was all I can reply. Yes, I knew we would have to have a plan out. It would be even harder this time, with all the guards and witnesses in the hospital. And I bound that the security would be tighter after the bridge incident. The militaries wouldn’t want to suffer more casualties. It will be a tough mission, as I though of the bright lights lightened in the hospital during the last time I was there. We stood up the whole night trying to find a solution, the biggest problem we had was stealth. We couldn’t be seen while trying to find out the condition of Corrie and Kevin. That was a difficult one. I scrambled my head and tried to squeeze a solution from my mind. It had been a long time since I have unscrewed my brain to think, and I can see that it is becoming difficult already. At last, we decided that someone should pretend to get hurt, (or really get hurt) and relocate Corrie and Kevin, if they are at the hospital. I...
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