Narrative Essay Lost Childhood

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Lost Childhood
Memories full of laughter, love, and friendship; these are the kinds of memories that a person’s childhood should be filled with. “Childhood faded away, to a faraway land, simple, so simple were we…,” (Childhood Faded Away”, 4). As James Foulk stated in this poem, childhood fades away, but can also be taken away. No innocent child should be forced to make adult decisions and carry out adult responsibilities. Although there are some experiences in one’s life that can force them into doing those things and forgetting those found memories. This unexpected shove into adulthood can have many long term effects on a person. It is usually caused by a certain major experience or situation in a person’s life. For example, when I, Harmony Platt, was only seven years old was when the time came when I was warped into a premature adult mindset due to an experience which eliminated all the trust I had for people, the peace within my family, and stripped me of my innocence and dignity. This all started with words so simple, “This can be our little secret.”

As children we are told who we should and shouldn’t trust. We trust our parents, who teach us to trust our families and the people closest to them. Parents do this in an effort to keep us safe and to show us that there are people within the world that are good but also some that are bad, but in some cases a parent may be wrong. For instance, as a child I grew up with a big family who knew a lot of people and had many close friends who we considered family. A week before my eighth birthday my parents had to work at the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot, Idaho. They couldn’t find a single person to take care of all five of my siblings for the week, so they were forced to split us up between many people. They chose for me to stay with a close family friend and his family. This family friend had always been extremely nice to all the little girls in our family, so I was excited to stay with him and his...
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