Narrative Essay- Fire!

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  • Published : July 11, 2012
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The skies were painted into a blend of rosy pink to salmon orange. I admired the natural beauty in awe as the calm breeze caressed my face gently. After taking in some fresh air, I cleaned up and dressed up for the day and went downstairs. My father was reading the newspapers one Sunday morning. We were having our breakfast when suddenly, there was a loud explosion coming from the building opposite us. Out of curiosity, I went over to the window to see what was happening. I realized that the sound came from the tyre company as bright little sparks flickered out of it. Without any warning, the small sparks turned into greater flames. Searing heat and bellowing thick smoke filled the air. Like an addition to the already bad situation, a second loud explosion rocked and the whole building crashed. Horror screams pierced the air. Fire spread itself throughout the building like locusts destroying everything in its’ path. The orange clutches of fire wrapped its fiery fingers around the whole building turning everything into a gloomy black. The fire changed from orange to blue as the temperatures rose like the thick black fumes that were stretching skywards. I stood there helplessly feeling like a burnt child dreads fire. Shock and fear engulfed me. Cries of desperation and wail of sirens of the fire engine could be heard. Civil defence combatted the threatening inferno with jets of water. There was a menagerie of uniformed fire fighters battling the flames and angelic white paramedics rendering first aid to all victims. After which, they brought out the evacuees’ bodies which were charred beyond recognition. People surrounded the area and cried uncontrobally at the loss of their loved ones. I felt my own eyes filled with tears. I thought I could have been the reasons of their deaths as well.
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