Narrative Essay Escalator at the Mall

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  • Published : October 23, 2010
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The Escalator at the Mall
The shopping mall is a very big place with many different things to do. It's not just for shopping anymore. Thousands of different people visit the mall every day for different reasons. Someone might be looking for a new dress for the party Saturday night while someone else may be on a business lunch with colleagues, or some children might be visiting the arcade to play some video games. My classmate William and I loved going to the mall just to hang out. We were also very mischievous. Little did we know that we were in for a little scare and a lesson to be learned in this particular visit.

It all started on a Friday afternoon after school. My classmate William and me were in the seventh grade, we were about 13 years old I think. My mother had picked us up after school and dropped us off at the mall to pick us up later that night about 9:30 PM. We were very excited because it was only 3 PM and we had 6 1/2 hours to hang around the mall, go see the toy stores and video games and the usual fun things 13-year-olds dream about getting when they're at the store. Also we could go to the food court and have junk food and buy candy and go to the arcade before we went to watch a movie. We had a busy schedule and plenty of energy.

Our day of fun at the mall started in the food court getting 10 tacos at Taco Bell for five dollars with a coupon I had. After stuffing down five tacos each with nachos and soft drinks we headed to the candy store and each of us bought an arsenal of candy. The tour continued as we headed to the biggest toy store in the mall just to see the newest toys and video games that had just come out. I mentioned before that we were very mischievous and full of energy, well this is when these characteristics came in to play. We were going down the escalator to a lower level when we decided to jump to the bottom at the same time before reaching it. I guess we were about 5 to 6 steps above the floor. When we landed on the metal...
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