Narrative Essay

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Education Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Samantha Martin
Mrs. Nunnery
ENG 111-980W
23 Sept. 2011
My First Swimming Lesson
Learning new things can sometimes be scary. Swimming, for me, was one of those new things. I knew swimming was going to be important in my life. The hard part was learning how to swim. I thought it would be god exercise, and a good social experience, I could spend time with my friends by the pool.

My parents were not patient enough with me, seeing I did not really like the water. So they put me into a swimming class. As I was standing by the pool, waiting for my teacher and the other kids; I was second guessing if I really wanted to learn how to swim. When the other kids walked up, they were older, and seemed more nervous than I was. So their nervous behavior made me feel a little bit better about not knowing how to swim.

We got into the pool; we put arm floaters on to stay above the water. Then, the teacher began to teach us the kicking process involved in the swimming process. At this point, I was sure I would learn how to swim, one way or another. I was really feeling confident after I had gotten into the water. Before I knew it, I was on the kickboard being pulled around the pool by the swimming teacher. But I found myself not wanting her to let go of me, I was quite nervous about going by myself around the pool.

The teacher did not seem to mind that I was scared to swim. She said “Just get the hang of the kicking and arm strokes and you will be a pro!” She was very patient with me, and really encouraging. It took me a couple weeks, I just had to concentrate on my arms and legs. As long as I concentrated, swimming felt so right!

Swimming was not an easy thing to do; however, with the help of my teacher and my persistence, my hard work paid off. I learned how to swim and I learned something about learning. As long as I stick with my goal, and ride it out until the end; I will become more confident about being put in new situations. I have carried that with me...
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