Narrative Essay

Topics: Family, English-language films, Cousin Pages: 2 (870 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Taking Life For Granted

It is amazing how many things we take for granted. We make plans for the day, and don't think twice about how those plans can be taken away in the blink of an eye. I never thought much about it myself, until I was faced with the shock , and undeniable truth of my cousin's death. I don't think anyone really thinks about tragedy until they are actually faced with that horrifying moment in their lives .

I woke up Sunday morning excited for the day I was going to spend with my family playing baseball at the field. I was sitting at the kitchen table with my little brother joking around while eating breakfast . My family's plan for the day was to go to church , then go to play some ball at the park and come back and enjoy the rest of the day watching movies together . During breakfast we were interrupted by a phone call from my aunt . We were still in a silly mood joking around and saying jokes at the table when my mom started talking to my aunt. Suddenly the conversation turned from joking to dead silence and my mom started crying. She tearfully asked ,"But he is okay right? I was thinking someone from the family probably had a small accident but are okay at the hospital . But then I heard my grandma that was with my aunt scream " oh my god no". My dad asked my mom what's wrong ? and then my mom told us that our cousin Jose had passed away last night he over dosed on his medication by mistake and when they took him to the hospital it was too late. I felt as if I was paralyzed , that if I moved it would be real. I just had a blank look on my face , I had no reaction at first and I wanted to deny it, all of it. I kept saying to myself , no its not true . to my complete horror I was wrong.

My mom kept saying “ I’ve got to go see Lourdes. I need to be with my sister my mom ran up the stairs to go get ready , I followed her and just stood there , still paralyzed. she hugged me and told me that she loved me. I had never seen my...
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