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  • Published : November 1, 2010
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Candace Monigold

Ms. Weaver

English 113

28 Sept. 2010

The Season that Changed My Life

I was a senior in high school. My final softball season had just begun. Our varsity team was the reigning state 6A state champions from the year before and we had very high hopes to win again. However, we were definitely an underdog according to all the preseason reports. The pressure was on for the Broken Arrow Lady Tigers. This would be the season that I changed the way I played softball and would make me work hard to achieve the goals I set for myself. As the season began, our high hopes were decreasing quickly. We had already lost more games than our whole season the year before. Our confidence was getting lower by the day. After a heart-breaking loss, our team determined to not lose a game again. As a senior, I felt the need to step up and be a leader. I worked very hard from that point on to be the best I could be for my team. As a team, we played each game with much more intensity and excitement. I found myself hitting the ball with much more focus and power. I hit my first varsity homerun bomb while in a tournament in Colorado. I was fired up for my team. After winning the remainder of our season games, and earning the title of conference champions, it was now time for the regional tournament. As a team, we were now much more confident in our abilities with ourselves and each other. We had a taste of victory and were hungry for more. It was the regional championship game and only the winner would advance to the state tournament. On that chilly October day, I took my place at the plate and as fate would have it, I bombed another one over the right field fence. That was just the confidence our team needed to win that game and become the regional champs. One week later, as our bus drove out of the parking lot headed for Oklahoma City; our stomachs were full of butterflies and anticipation. We were anxious to...
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