Narrative Essay

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Thought Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Rachel Brown
Professor Talerico
Composition I
26 October 2010
Narrative Essay
I could see the light coming from the computer screen. The way it glowed always seemed to fascinate me as a child. I loved everything about a computer, especially logging on when I was not allowed. My mother would say, “Be careful Rachel, you never know who you’re really talking to”. I used to get a thrill from surfing the web late at night. Playing games and chatting with strangers made the world around me fly by. I looked at the clock, it was morning already. Running back to the bedroom I tiptoed around the corner hoping my mother would not hear. I leaped from the door way into my bed hoping to catch some sleep before my day was to begin. As I lay there, staring at the ceiling, my mind raced about the night before. The games I played, the friends I made, it all seemed so much fun, when I was a child. I look back now and wonder, how many of those friends really wanted to do me harm, or only talked to me because I was a child? I can remember talking for hours to complete strangers. Strangers who wanted me to meet them, send them a picture, or call them. I was only eleven and the thought of online predators never crossed my mind. I can see now what these so called “friends” really wanted. They wanted to take advantage of a young child. See if they could get just one to do what they wanted. While they sit in the comfort of their homes chatting to multiple children at once, hoping this could be the night. I frightens me now, since I have children of my own, the thought of this happening to someone else. “There must be something I can do” I said to myself, “Some way I can protect my family and others like me when I was young.” Entering in the field of criminal justice, with an emphasis on computer crime, allows me to enter into a field of work that can teach me how to protect. Knowing that I can someday help rid our world of these online predators helps me sleep better at night....
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