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  • Published: September 20, 2013
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Da'Juan Holcomb
Dr. Bond
English 101
9/14/13 Narrative Essay- 2012 Summer

The summer of 2012 was an exciting and fun summer for me. I had just move in with my mother, step- father, my sister ,step-sister, and step-brother. Before I moved in I would just visit on weekends, to see how it would be living with them again. Everything was great, there was no problems while I was there. Then I decided to move in with them. That was the biggest mistake I ever did in my life. But I did have good time there. There was so much drama going on this summer. Gregory (step-brother) is a very ignorant person. We started off as friend, but He was too cocky and full of himself. He would lie so much, talk about people and spread so many rumors. Gregory always came to me telling lies about his family to make them seem like they have lots of money. Im not the gullible type of person, so I asked his dad. Turns out what he said was not true at all. Then more lies came about. There was a point where I confronted him about these thing, and he just would have this shame look on his face. I told him he doesn’t have to lie to make some one else look good. Its a shame that some one would do that. I met his friends Chemar, Imari, Donald, and Javion. They were really cool kids. They were a couple years younger than me. The were mature guys so we became friends. Everybody would come over our house after school and chill in the house or on the porch. Gregory was always the asshole in the house. No one really liked him. His friends didn’t even really like him. When they met me they would say “we only come over her for you”. I didn’t know what was going on. Gregory talks about his friend behind their back to me, and my sisters. He would also talk about me to his friends and my sister. They told me everything he said to them. That became a problem to me because I trusted him. He even betrayed Donald. Donald was suppose to be one...
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