Narrative Essay

Topics: Sense, Thing, The Black Wall Street Records Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: June 9, 2010
Narrative Essay
As I looked at the team around me, I could see a mixture of expressions on their faces, and could only imagine that I had a somewhat similar look on my own. Some faces were anxious, and in others you could make out a look of fear. However, all of them seemed to have a slight gleam of excitement in their eyes. We had done it. We had achieved our goal and were now awaiting the coach to give us our schedule for this weeks practice. It finally happened; we made it to the playoffs and were now getting ready for the championship game. Monday’s practice was different, but of course, I mean this is the championship game. Tension in the team grew, and it seemed that we were going to start off the week on a bad note. Sure enough, while squading up, two of my teammates got into an argument over nothing important. Were it not for the championship, we would have run more, but we didn’t and only got through half of what was scheduled for us. Things were not looking as good as I thought they would. I awoke Tuesday with a searing soreness that I had not felt since summer practice. The thing that made it worst was the feeling that today’s practice would be just as, if not more, disappointing and painful as yesterday’s. However I guess that the whole team, including the two who had gotten into it yesterday, had felt the same soreness that I had this morning. Because we seemed to glide through practice without any delays or issues. I guess that soreness was an enough reason to get our heads in the game. This new found attitude carried on for the rest of the week. Until finally it came, the game that we had spent all this time preparing for. We were, needless to say, the underdogs in this game. Seeing as we hadn’t made it out of the first round of the playoffs for a couple years, this made sense. My senses were heightened as we were being given our ritual before game speech from coach. I could hear our band playing our traditional football game song, the drum...
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