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By | Feb. 2010
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Marriage Proposal

By: Suzette V. Brown


January 16, 2010
Professor: R. Schaffer
University of Phoenix

Marriage Proposal
As any typical teenage girls, I often day dreamed of my wedding day. From the theme of the wedding to the type of flowers; from a small or big wedding to how many bridal parties would there be. Whatever it was, I wanted it to be the most unique and dazzling wedding any daddy’s little girl could ever have.

Being a difficult and picky person that I am, I was convinced that my day had to be spectacular and out of the ordinary. Without a doubt, when my moment comes, my wedding was not going to be a traditional day. While I envisioned myself in my wedding day wearing a beautiful gown, I was confused of which type of gown I wanted to wear. My mind was torn in between white and crème color; a big ball gown or slim and sexy. But whatever kind of gowns it was, it was for sure had to be the most amazing wedding dress anyone could ever see; a type of gown that everyone would envy and my future husband would say “wow”.

When I picture myself in that stunning gown of mine, I fantasized myself standing right there next to someone who resembled Ken, the male Barbie, along with visioning a crowd of friends and family that were there to see me enter into a never ending fairytale. Needless to say, although I want my future husband to be a resemble of Ken I cannot forget the most important part, which is having the man that God created just for me ask me to marry him.

On October 08, 2006 the day I experienced a life defining moment that I never thought it could or would happen. This was the day that Ramone, also known in my eyes at the time, as the man of God of who was blessed to me, asked me to marry him. It was six o’ clock in the morning; I was getting ready for work. I noticed he was acting very strange, as he got up with me to brush his teeth and went to lay back in bed, which was not his normal...

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