Narrative Essay

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  • Published : November 19, 2008
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English 101
Narrative Essay

Realizing True Beauty

From the time I started kindergarten until now, I have encountered many peers. Always having the personality of a social and outgoing person I met and mingled with many types of clichés in high school. At Spanaway Lake High during my sophomore year, there were many stereotypical clichés, the jocks, rockers, preps, and what I would refer to as,”the outsiders.” In my eyes I mingled and functioned well within each group except for the “outsiders.” Throughout the halls amongst the jocks, rockers, and preps there were always kids with their heads hung low getting lost in the crowd. Those kids were the “outsiders.” Nobody seemed to care if they nudged them in the hall on accident or if they even existed. The “outsides” never wore clothes that were in season, instead of colorful converse to match an outfit they would wear plain dirty sneakers and tattered clothes. The “outsiders” were always teased and rarely befriended. Never would I imaged that an “outsider” would become one of my closest friends, but that sophomore year at high school I learned no matter what cliché you are in that true beauty comes from having a kind heart and be secure in yourself.2003 was my first year in high school and like many other students I anticipated the social life and parties that were ahead of me. Walking through the creepy, black doors of the school I remember seeing many groups of people talking in circles and like all others I too wanted to have a group of friends. At lunch time there were a group of kids with uncombed hair and holes in their clothes sitting alone in the corner. Noticing these kids I went to my table and sat down while others made smirks and comments regarding their unprompted appearance. “Just look at them, how can someone be so nasty!” “If I were them I would die!” Sitting at the table with other well dressed, awkward teenagers was no different. They too also laughed at the kids in the...
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