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Topics: Finger, Hand, Ring finger Pages: 4 (1569 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Cops and Robbers Gone Wrong
Elementary school kids love to play various games during their snack and lunch breaks after class. In the third grade tag games were the hot thing to do during recess. Personally I hated playing tag games because I was never the fastest girls, and I always seemed to end up getting tagged. I was “it” for hours! One day my friends and I decided to switch up our usual routine of playing tag and chose to play Cops and Robbers instead.

As fun and easy as that sounds, to this day I am still scarred from playing that game.
Excitement rushed through me when I was chosen to be on the Robbers team. That means I got to hide, and I had always had a unique talent for finding creative hiding spots, so I thought this was the right fit for me!

As the Cops began their countdown, all of the Robbers quickly dispersed throughout the playground. On the farthest end of the field I spotted, what I thought at the time was the perfect place to hide. It was a huge tree that had roots jutting out of the ground and multiple little bushes all around it. I saw my chance and rushed over to the tree and nestled myself between two trunks.

As the minutes continued to pass by, there was still no sign of any cops in my area, so I decided to risk taking a little peek. I stuck my head out from behind the tree, and not one, but two cops spotted me. They immediately started to run my way! As they got closer I was forced to run away from my brilliant hiding spot and broke out into a full sprint away from the cops. In a matter of seconds both of the cops were right behind me and to try to get away a turned to the left.

If only my feet moved as fast as my mind. My right foot caught onto one of the giant roots sticking out of the ground and pulled my entire body down to the earth. As I hit this ground I instantly heard a loud “snap” and felt a sharp pain in my right hand. It sounded as if someone had just snapped a branch completely in half. The pain was so...
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