Narrative Essay

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Connor Kelly
Journal 1
March 10, 2013

When first attempting to write the narrative essay I found the thoughts and words were coming together pretty well, but my story was telling the story and not showing it. Subject and strategy teaches that a good narrative has four distinct characteristics. Developing the context, the point of view, selection of detail and organization. I developed the context of my story by explaining how I wasn’t used to living at home, and had moved back in right before an epic storm was on its way. The point of view in my narrative was told mostly through the first person, although when referring to my brothers, mother or neighbor I used the third person. The essay was organized more than adequately with proper paragraph and sentence structure. The only thing my paper really lacked was the details. I would tell you about a certain event but not show it to you through descriptive adjectives or through dialogue. The topic I selected was definitely meaningful to me so it was easy to write about. Subject and strategy taught me that dialogue among the characters adds more life to the story. I used a lot of transitional words just like the book tells us to in order to make my reader understand the sequence of events and for the narrative to be smoother. The biggest thing to affect my paper was sharing it with others. Kelsey, a girl in our class critiqued my essay and really helped me to make my story more enjoyable. She also helped me revise what should be taken out and descriptive words should be added in. I think that discussion amongst colleagues about the papers you are currently working on is the key to producing a better narrative essay.
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