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Topics: Bicycle, Cycling, Causality Pages: 4 (1419 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Nicholle Miller
ICD Narration
Rodney Merchant
February 2nd, 2013

The Brakes
Rhetorical tools within a narrative are very important. They help set the stage so the reader can understand the story from the author’s perspective. A narrative is structured so the reader can see things clearly. The structure contains the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction has a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a sentence that states the main point of the narrative. The introduction will clarify the main points the writer will make throughout the body of the narrative. The body is where the narrative unfolds. The use of cause and effect helps the story transition from one part to the next. Cause and effect is another way for the reader to identify organization within text, the chain reaction, and the internal connection. The internal connection bridges the ideas together, so the reader can fully understand the narrative. Once the author has bridged the gap the story will conclude. The conclusion is a brief summation of the narrative. The thesis will be restated, but in a different way, and the main points will be reviewed. All of these tools make the narrative a whole, and a way for the reader to connect with author’s perspective.

Life can sometimes be like learning to ride a bicycle. It maybe a little tricky at first, but once you have the pedaling, and balancing down you have got it. We all know that life is much more than pedaling and balancing. In my case, that part of the riding came easy. The brakes were a whole other story. The brakes are another vital part in learning to ride. They help us stop, and provide a way to protect ourselves against harm or danger. It was learning to use the brakes, or the lack thereof, that caused to me to learn a hard lesson.

One of the first hard lessons that I learned in this life came at the age of seven. I spent much of my early childhood growing up in the Sugar House area. I still remember my...
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