Narrative Essay

Topics: Sting, Murder, The Police Pages: 3 (1178 words) Published: January 31, 2013
The Missing Melody
I woke up in the middle of the night with a sweat all over my face. “Oh, it is such a horrible nightmare I had.” I said to myself. I lighted the candle in my room; the small frame gave me a warmer atmosphere; so I felt a lot better. I tried to continue my sleeping but I had a strong sense that there is something wrong. And what made me frighten until my heart beat faster was my sense is never lie to the reality. Nevertheless, I felt asleep again with my doubtful mind. Three hours later, the phone rang. It is irregularly for receiving a call, especially in the morning. A widow and owner of a small farmhouse like me did not give away my home number to many people. I was hesitating, but deep down I knew that the call needed to be pick up, so I did. Unexpectedly, the man’s voice introduced himself as a police from investigation department. I needed to prepare myself for their arrival at my estate; they wanted to ask me a few questions about the mysterious murder which happened to my closest neighborhood.

I was shocked and almost got paralysis. I got dress and went down stair to prepare myself for the coming investigation. Instead of sitting down and wait, I walked up and down around my living room. I got even more frighten to know that bad thing did really happen and it involved me. I could not think of the sane reason which made anyone of The Hays got murder, they are such a lovely couple. The husband was the owner and worked in the farm while the wife took care of entire domestic matters. What a brutal person could do this to them, I thought. Then the knocking on my door interrupted my thought. They came to me because I was the only neighbor of the dead man, Mr. Hay. I told them honestly that I stayed inside all night and I did not hear anything weird. I felt so much pity for Sandy; she was a gorgeous singer in town before she became Mrs. Hay. Then they asked me to go to the Hays’ place to get some clothes for Sandy, she was in the police...
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