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Topics: Turn, Driving, Handedness Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: December 10, 2012
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Meghanath kantipudi
Professor Washington Diane
English 111
November 11 2012

That incident which teaches a lesson

Life is all about sweet and sorrow moments highs and lows but the most important part is learning from the lows and sorrow moments, try harder not to make the same mistakes. However there was this one very small incident which led to a major change in the way I think . It was one of the first few months I got to America and needed a American driver’s license. Back home in India I was driving in high school and was pretty good at it but the problem was that the way the rules work are different. In India all the cars are right hand driving and in America all the cars are left handed, so the lane system was a bit confusing for me. But this one November day I had left to give my driving test and was really excited about it and was hoping it to be a cakewalk but turned out to be that I was really nervous because this was the first time I was driving in America. “Turn on the engine” said the instructor and I slowly got out of the parking lot and was nearing the sidewalk and took a wrong turn and the instructor swiftly showed which way I had to go. " I realized that what had just happened did not make a good impression on him .

Kantipudi 2
After driving for couple minutes on a straight line, I was pretty confident but suddenly heard a siren and looking back via the rear mirror. There was an ambulance approaching from behind. I did not know what to do next because there was no room along the street to park the car. In that moment I was nervous and thought if I speed up I could leave that ambulance behind. But turns out that my instructor was really mad , because he asked me to make a right but didn’t do it because of the ambulance. He asked me turn around and I failed that test. I failed the test because of lack of concentration, speeding and was over confident about my driving skills. However, I did pass the test later on....
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